Welcome to the Dandy Duchess Logbook

Like all good airships our gigantic hot air balloon bed, the Dandy Duchess, keeps her own logbook. She has impeccable handwriting.

To honor the poets and their timeless artistry, we will publish the poems from our Poetry Nap adventures here for you. Sometimes the full poem makes it into a Chapter; sometimes parts; and sometimes we take poetic license to suit our escapades; however, here below you will find the originals in their full glory.

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Ethereally, surreally, and really yours,
Lady & Lord Dosis

Earth, Our Curvy Mother · by Lady and Lord Dosis

Luscious Earth, Your glowing splendor Your hills and contours, Spill below us voluptuously From afar you glow, an orb of…

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When the Sun Shines its First Light · by Lady Dosis

When the sun shines its first light The stars quiver with delight for the tiny muscles and movements ensure That the day has…

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Air in the Air · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Particles of sea crystals swirling in the mist Uplifting towards clouds that twirl & twist Swaying and bowing to the life it…

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Big Bangs, Origins · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Big Bangs, Origins Stars, particles, atoms Colliding and embracing through the emptiness of your universe Stretching light…

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I Sing the Body Electric · by Uncle Walt Whitman

1 I sing the Body electric ; The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them ; They will not let me off till I go…

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The Heart of the Earth · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Illuminated by a glowing, pulsing orb of light, the heart of all hearts. In the heart’s radiant presence, we remember an…

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Qhispikay Sonqo (corazón libre) · by Adrian Arias

Cuando tus ojos tienen hambre y tus labios son el paisaje del deseo la luna se convierte en mandarina y el aroma de las…

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Food is the Appetizer for Kissing · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Let your lips part Let your tongue taste Let your eyes hear Your ears see Your tongue touches the surface of the succulence…

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Brass · by Lady Dosis

You are a child of brass and gold, The pinks and reds of the world will thank you for it.

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When I Was The Forest · by Meister Eckhard

When I was the stream, when I was the forest, when I was still the field, when I was every hoof, foot, fin and wing, when……

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