Welcome to the Dandy Duchess Logbook

Like all good airships our gigantic hot air balloon bed, the Dandy Duchess, keeps her own logbook. She has impeccable handwriting.

To honor the poets and their timeless artistry, the Dandy Duchess will publish the poems from our Poetry Nap adventures here for you. Sometimes the full poem makes it into a Chapter; sometimes parts; and sometimes we take poetic license to suit our escapades; however, here below you will find the originals in their full glory.

The Dandy Duchess also shares other gems of music and musing. Please be sure to join the mailing list to receive your weekly Poetic Perk, our gift of a poem in your inbox every Tuesday morning.

Ethereally, surreally, and really yours,
Lady & Lord Dosis

The Real Secret of the Forgotten Stars · by Lady Dosis

Stardust and sunlight Bright essence of luminous fleshy miracles You forget I see you forgetting You blazing glorious rays…

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Ghost Tantra 61 · by Michael McClure

GRAGHGAYOOOR BLANG. BLANG-GROOOOOR sharnagtreii greee say-oornake dann thay siteee got, thy dooombreethe ooh ah toww, toww.…

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This is It · by James Broughton

This is It and I am It and You are It and so is That and He is It and She is It and It is It and That is That Oh It is This…

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Moonlanding · by Lady Dosis

Moonlanding Weightless in the smooth, crisp curvature Of muscles and mass Movement and measure Swirling sounds of moments…

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The Gardener of Eden · by James Broughton

I am the old dreamer who never sleeps I am timekeeper of the timeless dance I preserve the long rhythms of the earth and…

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Fill Your Heart · by David Bowie

Fill your heart with love today Don't play the game of time Things that happened in the past Only happened in your mind,…

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Earth, Our Curvy Mother · by Lady and Lord Dosis

Luscious Earth, Your glowing splendor Your hills and contours, Spill below us voluptuously From afar you glow, an orb of…

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When the Sun Shines its First Light · by Lady Dosis

When the sun shines its first light The stars quiver with delight for the tiny muscles and movements ensure That the day has…

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ODE TO JOY · by Michael McClure

I HAVE INHERITED THE UNIVERSE! IT CAME FROM THE EARTH that got it from bodies that became divine. Ocean, forest, fog, are…

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Crepuscule · by e e cummings

i will wade out till my thighs are steeped in burning flowers I will take the sun in my mouth and leap into the ripe air…

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