Welcome to the Dandy Duchess Logbook

Like all good airships our gigantic hot air balloon bed, the Dandy Duchess, keeps her own logbook. She has impeccable handwriting.

To honor the poets and their timeless artistry, we will publish the poems from our Poetry Nap adventures here for you. Sometimes the full poem makes it into a Chapter; sometimes parts; and sometimes we take poetic license to suit our escapades; however, here below you will find the originals in their full glory.

We’ll also share other gems of music and musing. Please be sure to join the mailing list to receive your weekly Poetic Perk, our gift of a poem in your inbox every Tuesday morning.

Ethereally, surreally, and really yours,
Lady & Lord Dosis

Song of the Rolling Earth · by Uncle Walt Whitman

A SONG of the rolling earth, and of words according,Were you thinking that those were the words, those upright lines (on…

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Little Doubts · by Lady Dosis

Rise from the seeds and let your pretty little doubts suspend into the belly of the universe

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Voices of the Earth · by Lord Dosis

Your voice, only one of the infinite voices of LifeListen to all lifeSome speak in dreamsListen to all lifeSome speak with…

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Turquoise Whale · by Lord Dosis

magic bringturquoise springweaves through the ocean magic shiverturquoise riverweaves through the sea magic…

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Song at Sunset · by Walt Whitman

SPLENDOR of ended day floating and filling me,Hour prophetic, hour resuming the past,Inflating my throat, you divine…

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Ballad of Black / Essence · by Eugene B. Redman

Firstforce or earth-driven godman; globe-song Dance-embroidered in rhythmtree; Flamefever inside blood, inside…

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From the book: Lifting Hearts off the Ground · by Lyla June Jonston

Sweet cedar smoke curlsinto the midnight sky. The songs of the people are enteringour bodies, teaching each cell,each…

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Protocol · by Joy Harjo

I do not know your language though I hear the breaking of wavesthrough the vowels. It is blue and if I am to follow…

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elation · by Lady Dosis

we have become the flowerthat we've always dreamed we’d beforever in the danceforever in the perfect pinecone frenzy of…

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Third Poet · by James Broughton

This cup contains an unearthly nectar habitually served at the wedding of wizards. It is compounded by local seraphs and…

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