Hello again This is your overhead operator
I am the last message at the end of your line
If I plug you in will you listen this time?

Call me Old Man Puck Call me Peter Panic
Call me what you will but call me for dear life
Are you hard of hearing when the word is deafening?

As your licentious unlicensed metaphysician
I can transplant the heart failure of your hopes
I can lift your blood pressure to ecstatic heights

Are you ready to unbutton rapture and behold insight?
Are you ready for a regimen of lubricity and laughter?
How much do you treasure your habitual agonies?

I carry no proofs of my skill of my caring
Check my credibility by my holy goosepimples
Professionally I am here to electrocute inertia

Fear not I am the sweetest of the toughest
I have the inside track to the outer edge
I am the only sane outpatient in the theology asylum

I teach the sex of loving and the love of sexing
I preach the sacred music of the body’s organs
All your governments have tried to geld me

But I am Adam with his Eve still enribbed
I am Pan with the groin of Aphrodite
I am Dionysus in the lap of the Virgin

Watch me lift the weights of joy and abandon
I jog where no propriety can walk
I am much too healthy to ever be nice

I obliterate sexual labels and categories
I annul the disastrous marriage of Either to Or
My legal name is Judge Nott the All-Embracing

In my catalog of snug-fitting anatomical parts
I include all single and double meanings
Every imaginable union fits into my repertoire

I can’t promise total victory for global endearment
Who can make the world safe for the amorous?
The universe lunches on indigestible mistakes

But I can liquidate your airtight scruples
Puncture your prejudice fumigate your dogma
I can operate on any toxic rectitude

I am Doctor Undoing the wronghead remover
I extract the sick securities of the mind
I cure addiction to the bitter pills of guilt

I am also Polly Morphous transorgasmic Nurse
I guarantee the renewal of your rightful radiance
bright with enough glory to embarrass eternity

Come convalesce with me in the clarity of wonder
Together we can dawdle in the hotbeds of heaven
And dance untrammeled in the palaces of wisdom.

Or do you still cling to your motheaten doldrum?