Earth, Our Curvy Mother · by Lady and Lord Dosis

Luscious Earth,
Your glowing splendor
Your hills and contours,
Spill below us voluptuously
From afar you glow, an orb of precious crystal
A breathing jewel of life, diverse
A cosmic mineral in the arms of the Milky Way
From up here
We reach our tiny hands
of our body
of your body
to hold your body
our body
Our bodies are of you, oh curvy earth!
Oh curvy, coalescent, cosmic Earth.

Air in the Air · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Particles of sea crystals swirling in the mist
Uplifting towards clouds that twirl & twist
Swaying and bowing to the life it suspends
All true beginnings and all true ends
Delicious on the tongue
Delicious to the fire
May the air of our air take us higher and higher


Big Bangs, Origins · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Big Bangs, Origins

Stars, particles, atoms
Colliding and embracing
the emptiness of your universe

Stretching light
Galaxies swirl and form
the climax of our supernova

We are
the cosmic acceleration
entwined within the jewel of the inner cosmos

And suddenly
a blaze of golden glow
A rupture of echoes
A howl of breath
A blast of liquid light
The percussion of earth creating herself
the oceans pronouncing LIFE

the mysteries of untamed souls
the fusion
and fierceness
of time
and space.

Over and over,
yes, yes, yes
let the big bang
again and again and again.


The Heart of the Earth · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Illuminated by
a glowing, pulsing orb of light,
the heart of all hearts.
In the heart’s radiant presence,
we remember an ancient wisdom
many of us have long forgotten.
Our heartbeat
is the Earth’s heartbeat.
The love that happens within the heart of the earth,
affects the entire earth.

Food is the Appetizer for Kissing · by Lady & Lord Dosis

Let your lips part
Let your tongue taste
Let your eyes hear
Your ears see
Your tongue touches the surface of the succulence
Longs to dive deeper into disintegration, dissolution, dissolvation
Sunlight unravels in your mouth
That orange? That orange is making out with you.
The French kiss with the dark cherry lasts shockingly long
The flesh of the peach fuzz
kisses your bottom lip
as it slowly,
enters you,
drowning your senses
in the sugared nectar
of undeniable bliss.
Slippery lychee fruits
with the slit
of your mouth and
Verdant green grapes,
plump as a goddesses breast,
slip down your throat
in ecstatic union
with your body.
Let the quince honey syrup drench our flesh while the
Opulent flavors blossom within us
like flowers
to the sun.

Brass · by Lady Dosis

You are a child
of brass and gold,
The pinks and reds
of the world will
thank you
for it.

STARS n LOVE · by Lady and Lord Dosis

You wander through us
Like fire in our blood.
We are your origin story,
We are your light.
Reach your fingertips, caress our glow.
Golden amber,
Shadow, eclipse, lips and limbs,
Echoing across the sky

Songs of times unwritten, songs of times unravelled
What riddle shall we shine for you?
What giggle shall we juice in you?

We are eternal,
So is love.
Love and stars,we are best friends.
We get along splendidly,
Love just came over for tea!
And we like to add cosmic sugar and moon cream.

You wander through us, love wanders through you,
Aren’t we lucky?

Close your eyes and listen to Lady & Lord Dosis read this poem.