Ballad of Black / Essence · by Eugene B. Redman

Firstforce or earth-driven godman; globe-song
Dance-embroidered in rhythmtree;
Flamefever inside blood, inside raindrops;
Phone-song from a phono-sea.

Drumgirl, horizon-child: sprite moondancer!
Fleshtorch, essence and jewelskin:
Comming / comming strongsong, blues-laced and black:
Deftly making words out of wind.

Landlaced man, mud-docked and waterwavy,
Oh steel that walks, that swims, that flies!
Softstone with armor to endure: to lure;
Flowers inside iron: inside eyes!

Fleet / force, redemptive strength, precious muscle:
Essence, the blackline and the core:
Beauty / yes/ vim-vexed and fire within fire
That flares up! frames and fans the shore;

That flares up! enflames the shore of
Giving and summoning the seed
Of light, sun, flamedances on rockshoulders:
Burning and branding in our need;
Burning and branding in our need.