The Rhythmic Tide · by Earl Kayman Naga and Maura Fallon-McKnight

the rhythmic tide
sleek silver fans of seawater
encircle us
glistening with secrets
of moonlight

and we walk together
silently exploring the sands

or lay upon our backs
in the warm steady sunlight

and dive underwater
into the silence
the voice of love envelops

in the being:
a quiet togetherness

and love
anew and anew
again and again
like the rhythmic tide,
the underwater silence coalescing with
the infinite grains of sand,

celebrates and
sings odes of joy
for us and every moment of
you and you and
you and you and
you and you

Logarhythmia· by Earl Kayman Naga

The logarithmic
spiral is
twisting its
painted edged
burrowing and
digging and
through our ahhhs
and whispers
going deeper into bliss