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Welcome Friends of This World and That,

Slip off your shoes, lie down, relax, and float away to poetry and music of the masters woven into extraordinary, witty and immersive tales. Coming up is Poetry Nap ★ Chapter 3, The Secret of Forgotten Stars.*

Join us, Lady and Lord Dosis, time voyagers of the dream world, as we guide you through the fantastical cosmos.

Enjoy the elegant, cozy environment of Rudramandir, with cushions, blankets, carved wood columns, Persian rugs, and dreamy tea as you recline and cuddle with some of our most treasured poets from times past and present such as Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, Walt Whitman, Michael McClure, Mary Oliver, e e cummings, and Gary Snyder to name but a few.

You do the resting. We do the rest.

Ethereally, surreally, and really yours,

Lady & Lord Dosis

Poetry Nap Lady and Lord Dosis

*Each Poetry Nap Chapter is a stand alone, self-contained voyage on the Dandy Duchess; no need to have experienced our previous journeys to absolutely enjoy yourself.


“I loved every minute of Poetry Nap! It was sultry. stimulating, and utterly somniferous! Truly gorgeously conceived and executed, an exquisite pleasure from beginning to end!” -Rachael K.


Poetry Nap

Chapter Three
The Secret of Forgotten Stars

3 Wednesdays
June 20

July 18
August 15
in the year of 2018
doors open at 7:30pm
we begin promptly at 8:00pm

830 Bancroft Way, Main Sanctuary, Berkeley
Parking: As a courtesy to the neighborhood
and our host please consult this Parking Map

Tickets are $20 online and at the door

Let your friends know via the
Poetry Nap Facebook Event


“I was lucky enough to see the first run of this show (is it a show, an event, a journey?…) It was so uniquely poetic. Don’t miss the chance to follow Lady and Lord Dosis in their dreamy journey. Highly recommended!” -Andrea B.

About Lady & Lord Dosis

Lady & Lord Dosis
Lady & Lord Dosis · Photo by Alexander Warnow

Lord Dosis

Lord Dosis enjoys long walks on the Sandman’s beaches. He doesn’t use the pronoun he describing himself as much as we, as we are a consort and compendium of multicellular, cosmic organisms dancing and whirling in concert to past, present, and future #1 pop hit tunes played backwards to get their true meaning. We adore Lady Dosis. And we indeed feel lucky to venture on the Dandy Duchess, our gigantic hot air balloon bed, with a glorious menagerie of passengers while visiting all sorts of magnificent poets in the nooks and crannies of every world here and there.

Robert Edward Earl Hickling (aka Røbér Wildéfleür) channels Lord Dosis and is the co-director and co-producer of Poetry Nap. His love for poetry was engendered by Karen Randall of Los Gatos High School many, many, many moons ago. That’s a lot of moons. More than Jupiter can boast. For example, to study the Transcendentalists was transcendent, transformative and transporting.

Robert has coached, directed, and performed in improvisational theater since the turn of the century beginning with BATS Improv and Leela, and considers the values and skills of improvisation an amazing foundation for all things creative.

Speaking of which, please enter into the Kabinet of Kuriosities, his artist portfolio, which includes the Knights of Revery, Shamanik Improv Klasses, la decadansé, and Earth for President.

A whole lotta gratitude goes out to his friends, family, teachers, all relations, and the grace of good luck. He’s not sure if talking in the third person is royal, strange, or impersonal, so as a shift… I look forward to meeting you. So excited to explore together on our creative, curious journey. Don’t forget, this is always going on.

Lady Dosis

Lady Dosis is a time voyager of the dream world. She has been in the dreams of your present and past life, and will continue to be in the dreams of your reincarnated self, if you believe in that sort of thing. She does. Lady Dosis is your déjà vu—every single time. She, along with Lord Dosis, knows the answer to the question. Yes, THE question. She is also passionately in love with Lord Dosis.

Jodie Marissa Kleeman (also known as Jójø Wildeflèür) channels Lady Dosis, and is the co-director and co-producer of Poetry Nap. Jójø has been participating in performance art since she was 8 years old. She started off on the big stage playing Bambi’s mother in the Disney smash hit Bambi.

She later went on to collaborate with her dear brother, Douglas Matthew Kleeman, in co-creating renditions of well-curated 1980s and 90s pop music videos. Most of those recordings have been lost, possibly sitting on the shelves at a Goodwill in Philadelphia, PA. Blessed are you who discover these.

Jójø always had a knack for the bright lights and big stage, but it wasn’t until she met Robert Edward Earl Hickling, that she was reminded of her spunk and passion for performance. In the year of 2017, the two of them have performed in two major hits: 1) It’s Raining Men—a theatrical drag performance from the hit 1980s song by The Weather Girls, and 2) of course, Poetry Nap, The Nature of Love. Both have received raving reviews and standing ovations.

Jójø doesn’t have lists of theater groups or schools to give her credit; she is a self-taught, self-identified hilarious woman. But of course, she gives major credit and thanks to her greatest provacateur, Robert.

Jójø can be shy at times and loud at times. She prefers to be around those who identify as weird, hilarious, queer, fabulous, grounded, and real. If you come to her home she might dress you up in costume. You will love her for it.

And don’t forget, this is still going on.


“But the Poetry Nap… is decidedly for everyone… A brilliant confection that is one part guided daydream, one part radio play, & all parts clever whimsy.”
-The East Bay Monthly

“I loved every minute of poetry nap! It was sultry. stimulating, and utterly somniferous! Truly gorgeously conceived and executed, an exquisite pleasure from beginning to end!”
-Rachael Knight

Dreamy hypnagogic word flow in the hot air balloon of nobility. My childhood, my love for life and my desire for deep rest all thank you.”
-Hank Obermayer

“This was AMAZING on Wednesday… Wow. We got to cosy up, lie down with cushions and blankets and nap, while two beautifully calm and luscious people in old fashioned regal costume and very comforting English accents told us magical stories about love woven from lines of the poet masters. Genius, and a total delight. I didn’t want to go home.
-Briony Greenhill

“Poetry Nap is an amazing journey into the realms of mystical lands. You might ask yourself what is the difference between magic and a nap riding on a helium balloon with the captains of poetry? This is your chance from a needed break from whatever you need a break from and soak your Soul in delight.”
-Asli Ors

“A magical storytelling journey of the senses, a luscious trip through a timeless tradition, I loved it! Such a special event in a gorgeous, meditative setting. Perfect alternative for a date night.
-Maya Lane

Beautiful and comfortable time. They create a gorgeous and romantic ethereal environment in which one is safe to be whisked away in imagination of play.”
-Jahan Khamsehzadeh

“I had a dreamy nap, in between the delightful, sweet journey of the senses that the Lord and Lady embarked us on with their original storytelling. A must see…”
-Mellie Logan

“Poetry Nap is fun, magical and delightful! The poems they curate are truly divine. They take you on a journey. The whole experience is both a nourishing and restful change in pace re: evenings out.”
-Maggie Truelove

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